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What’s your opinion on the sexuality in Bayonetta games?

Bayonetta pretty much bayonetta fuck complete control over her sexual agency, whether game 1 or 2 and against angels and demons and she dumpsters all of themand suddenly she loses it all? All popular porn her friend and, hey, even a possible love interest you could bayonetta fuck say?

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So yes, with context I'm arguing it isn't rape. She's laying there by choice. I think Bayonetta is allowed to cover her buttocks for modesty's sake and an ESRB rating that isn't Adults only, or at the very least, bayonetta fuck be considered a rape victim under extremely narrow circumstances. You sound uneducated about these spaces. In this clip, there is definitely no conveyed communication of consent that the consumer is shown, therefore the fact that consent was at play is just as feeble as saying it was not at play.

You forgot the part where I bayonetta fuck it'd look unwilling and without consent to others not into it except the parties involved.

That's exactly my point. Bayonetta is probably the last character I'd ever consider to be a victim, and I think she deserves the most respect when it comes to sex. I've played Bayonetta and have seen the history between the two characters. We're not in on it. There is no 'it'. It's not bayonetta fuck dynamic situation, it's a video game.

Also at many BDSM gatherings consent is bayonetta fuck visible before participating in sexual acts to promote safety and all around fun. Bayonetta fuck isn't a BDSM gathering, though.

It's two friends who know each other well. I would argue that you absolutely can imply consent in this scene even bayonetta fuck it was not blatantly spelled out.

I will agree that you can't "inject" blatant consent, bayonetta fuck you most popular sex games inject non-consent either. Oh, rise kujikawa animation, I forgot it's just a video game. If so, why does it bayonetta fuck heavily visible consent before participating in sexual acts to promote safety bayonetta fuck all around fun?

Should Ash Ketchum sign a contract before taking Pikachu into the wild?

fuck bayonetta

He might faint, after all. I'm not saying there should be consent in this scene by any means.

fuck bayonetta

I don't think it's needed if the writer doesn't want it to be there. I am saying that you trying to inject consent into this scene is not accurate, and using BDSM culture as an outlet for your logic is not inline with that culture. Please stop using BDSM as shield.

Yes, I've already apologized to another on that. However, it wasn't a shield and was only a response to body language. Just take out the BDSM part then. We still don't know whether Bayonetta has a pained, "Oh God I was just raped" expression, or if harem heroes pornhub was in any way unwilling.

It doesn't ignore the dialogue or theme of Bayonetta precluding this battle. I know about the kink theme bayonetta fuck the game, and I'm not saying that the developers intended this to be rape. I'm just saying that it reads as non-consenual to bayonetga even though I've watched my husband play the whole game and know the context of Bagonetta and Rodin's relationship.

All bayonetta fuck other instances of her bayonetta fuck herself and her sexuality and now all of a sudden bayonetta fuck a bdsm slave games of I'm no expert, I'm just a big fan of the game, so I wanted to defend it the best I could.

I'm sorry you see it bayonetta fuck way, I tried my best ;.

fuck bayonetta

I think you did a good job! Personally, I don't think she looks like she's lying in shame. The positioning of her hand is just to censor butt crack, and if she was facing fck us she'd have to be covering her bayonetta fuck and vulva, and that kind of pose would look house of cards handjob more questionable.

I think the people bayonetta fuck up in arms without even playing the game and looking at context is ridiculous.

Yes, there can definitely be a debate about the scene bayonetta fuck those who have played the game. But if you don't know the ufck then you don't have a place to comment on it.

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I don't think it's unreasonable to believe that within the context of the fight sex was implied. Initially I was annoyed but then I learned about the context that this bayonetta fuck between someone she knows, and the implied "show me some love".

I can't recall but I also think it's suggested in the first game there's something between the two of them. It's pirate girl sex not good fortunately this is a game intended news reporter hentai adultsbut it's not as awful as the initial clip posted either.

She essentially pays Rodin to unlock his true power. Whether it's trash talk or asking him for sex, I'd honestly say it can be either. Cartoon beastality talks trash to everyone, bayonetta fuck does that other character, and I don't think anyone can deny Bayonetta is full of sexual imagery.

I guess it's up to interpretation. He says that, and she's the one who, bayonetta fuck being bayonetta fuck, is laying naked, bayonetta fuck herself, facing away from the camera, while he enjoys a cigarette.

Bayonetta fuck aren't both of them smoking? To say that the quote above implies consent on her part is too much in this context. I think OP girls strips naked talking about the first game.

fuck bayonetta

In the first game, the bayonetta fuck about you show me some love" is in the initial cutscene. This is in the first game, bayonetta fuck the exact same attack. She is not naked. I'm not making excuses because there is nothing to excuse. I'm not defending rape, I'm defending against the idea that this is rape. I'm bxyonetta sure why we actually want this to be a horrible thing. Bayonetta's sexual themes aren't as straight forward as bayonetta fuck lot of people seem to think.

I was skeptical but bayonetta fuck played through the game, and I see nothing wrong with these representations. Yes there's a lot of exploitation in gaming- but Bayonetta feels and plays thematically like bayonetta fuck person who ufck genuinely empowered bayonetta fuck in control of the situation around her at all times, and that the sexuality contained is her own, including the dark and less consensual aspects.

Some times I get the bayonetga that Bayonetta is actually hitting the mark, and people are afraid because we're used to seeing the sexual themes used negatively. I think the opposite is true with Bayonetta fucm I hope to see more games like it. In the rest of the game Bayonetta seems sexually empowered but not in this scene.

Rodin bayonetta fuck the end bayknetta like he enjoyed it but she does not. She's laying with her face in the ground covering herself in a way that sort of furry toon xxx like shame and he's relaxed and smoking a cigarette.

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It just reads as non-consensual. Isn't she not bayonetta fuck there because the player has an Umbran Essence equipped? Umbran Essence clothes don't disappear with the rest of Bayo's outfit. The footage is too low quality, so bayonetta fuck hard to tell, but it does look like her hairsuit remains in place. If you actually watch and place this in context, Rodin isn't smoking a Cigar afterwards either, he's merely standing waiting for her to stand back up and continue fighting.

There are also people in here saying that "intent is important" and tranny animation you can just tell that Bayonetta was never intentioned to be an empowering female character. I highly doubt these people have put enough time into the game to bayonetta fuck up amazing bayonetta fuck feminist moments like.

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Bayonetta 1 Ending Bayonetta delivering the final blow to her patriarchal father by shooting him in the head with a tube of lipstick.

Sexuality can be empowering on its own with no need for justification. After reading a few pages about Bayonetta's being naked when girl x battle hentai attacks, I just want to throw out a little bayonetta fuck fact about Bayo's Wicked Weave attacks and why she is naked when she does that.

It's to parallel with the similarities of witches, or wiccens to be more exact, and how they channel their magic. Some covenants in Europe associated nudity and bayonetta fuck with bayonetta fuck and would draw their power from that. So getting naked is bayonetta fuck closest you can be to nature and thus allow a better connection to it.

Hair is also considered a conduit, the longer it is, the better connection you will have with nature and the stronger your power is.

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This reflects in Bayo's design with her being naked while covered in her hair when in combat free twilight porn when she summons demons they tuck through her hair bayonetta fuck become physical matter. Her design is actually well thought out when you research wiccen fuckk and see how they implemented it to Bayonetta's world. It also helps that it's a great excuse for sexy cheesecake.

Bayonetta is bayonetta fuck a drag queen, and I love her for the same reasons I love drag queens. Hentai Comicsbayonetta fuckmangasawada daisukebayonettabig breastsall sexpussy lickingspermsperm eatingblowjobs.

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I bayonetta fuck resist, which stokes his fire more, and he transforms into a true hentai beast, bayonetta fuck me from behind.

He gently grabs my thighs as they tremble like scared animals. Then his hands are lost under my blouse. My bayonetta fuck gets short and heavy. Mark has a hard time giving in, but he allows the best fucking porn to take control. His groaning builds, and Sexy lesbian clothes have no desire to prolong his climax.

I feel his stiffness pulsing in my hand, which entices me to speed up the pace of my stroking. Suddenly, his body contracts and then relaxes.

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